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AI within Software Engineering

Research connected to AI within the Division of Software Engineering.


Riccardo Scandariato +46 31 772 60 31 e-mail

Interview with Riccardo Scandariato: Can AI understand human concepts?

Examples of our applications are:

  • Using evolutionary search technologies we can understand and optimize software testing
  • Using decision trees and neural networks we can predict quality of software under development and at the customer side
  • Using neural networks we can predict the fuel consumption of electrical cars and optimize their performance
  • Using clustering techniques we can optimize the application deployment between cloud and edge nodes
  • Using meta-heuristics we can optimize and improve continuous software integration and deployment
  • Using random forests we can optimize the code analysis and automatically identify risky code areas
  • Using decision trees we can improve the MAPE-K self-adaptation algorithms for complex systems of systems
  • Using Bayesian statistics we can improve test generation and automatic programming
  • Using unsupervised learning techniques we can find security vulnerabilities in software code
  • We conduct research on AI-based autonomous agents ("bots") to support software developers. Examples of such bots include agents that test software, optimize program performance, or handle continuous integration. We study the implementation of such bots as well as how they interact with human developers in mixed AI/human ecosystems
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